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City Tour

You will be able to experience one of the most mystic and exceptional nights in Mexico, where the dead and the living meet again when a door opens between our two realities, and for a night, our ancestors celebrate the living, and the living celebrates the dead. A unique opportunity to live through a mystic and wonderful tradition. You will also observe this celebration through the assembly of offerings for the deceased, adorned with flowers, food, and other elements, as well as chants, music, exhibitions, and dance. Your guide will take you through all the significance of such a day full of tradition and layers in our culture.

This experience will also consist of a tour of the San Andrés Apóstol and a gastronomic tasting of:

  • Mixmole.
  • Chicken mole.
  • Red rice.
  • Bean tamales.
  • Caramelized cempoalxochitl.
  • Atole of corn with cempoaxochitl.

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