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Cooking Class

Mexican cuisine consists of the cooking cuisines and traditions of the modern country of Mexico. Its earliest roots lie in Mesoamerican cuisine. Mexican cuisine is an important aspect of the culture, social structure and popular traditions of Mexico. Let us help you get a taste of our culture through cooking.

 We will pick you up and head to the local market in the colorful neighborhood of Coyoacán, where the recognized Mexican Chef Luis Alfonso Garduño from Prehispania Boutique Gourmet, will be waiting for you. We will then go to the chef’s kitchen where the cooking class will take place. To finish this experience, you will eat the meal you have cooked with the chef and discuss what you’ve learned. This is one of the most sought-after experiences due to the interactions you have with the local people. You will be able to select an appetizer, one main course, one dessert, and a beverage of your choice.  

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