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Luxury Bed & Breakfast

Casa9 is a four-bedroom Luxury Petit Hotel / Bed & Breakfast concept. We are located in an old Mexican Casona dated from 1910 that has been remodeled by architects Rafael Rivera and Javier Claveri from Habitacion116. Its interior design is a mix of modern / Mexican inspiration, bringing together tradition and design for a unique elegant yet cozy environment. It is located in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods, where galleries and restaurants thrive.

Our Story

Casa9 lived in oblivion for many years, a home once owned by a Mexican elite family during the 1910s became forgotten in the last decades of the 20th century. Little by little the house was taken by nature and the city, little by little its opulence seemed to fade away leaving just a distant remainder of what once was, until a new family fell in love with it and began remodeling and reviving this beautiful home.

Today casa9’s current owners opens its doors with the purpose of sharing their home to all who want to live a truly exceptional experience and service.

Please, make yourself at home in this traditional yet reinvented Mexican Casona, where you can feel the opulence of an era long gone and live the comforts and relaxed atmosphere of the present day.

Four beautiful
curated Rooms

Mateo Deluxe Queen

Uma Deluxe Queen

Geronimo, Deluxe King

Juana, Deluxe King

Secure your experience in one of the most recommended
Boutique Hotels according to the Michelin Guide.

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