Casa9 Zocalo is a collaboration
with Casa Seminario12

A unique place and a opportunity to live the true Mexican culture that began in the XVII century, where Prehispanic and Spanish culture mix to create what makes Mexico unique today. A home where the melting pot of Mexican history is present in every corner.

Our Story

This house was built in 1640 and is the oldest inhabited house in Mexico City. It has seen history run through its doors, a witness in time and of time standing firm on its grounds, ready to tell its secrets.

It was built on top of the site where the ceremonial temple of the Mexica deity of Tezcatlipoca once stood. It underwent an intense conservation process that restored almost all of its original structure; teams of stonemasons, carpenters, and blacksmiths participated in the restoration, guided by a team of masters and restorers whose names endure on the central patio’s stone.

It is one of the few buildings from the 17th century that have recovered their constituent elements to continue resolving the function that their construction imposed: their use as family homes. It is then a construction that recreates the past of this city and the society that has inhabited it, with its changes and permanence.

A 3 suite Luxury Bed & Breakfast concept
nestled in the heart of Mexico City

Discover this unique experience only in 2024.

La Restauradora Suite

La Mascara Room

El Espejo Suite

Secure your experience in one of the most recommended
Boutique Hotels according to the Michelin Guide.

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