Hosting with soul

Welcome to our world of traveling and hospitality, where we become your destination. We not only host but feed the spirit of discovery—we were born for those open to a new definition of hospitality and travel.

Casa9 was born as a four-bedroom Luxury Petit Hotel / Bed & Breakfast concept located in an old Mexican Casona dated from 1910 in Condesa, at one of the most vibrant neighborhoods, where galleries and restaurants thrive; but Casa9 is not just about its beautiful location and design; it has been a pioneer in hospitality; it was the first house in Mexico City to encompass this space between hotel and bed & breakfast, which was empty, creating a unique concept of service and attention to our guests where we put our soul in every detail, getting to know our guests so we can anticipate his needs: we make connections that become an unforgettable experience for our guests.

For 2024, we have developed a new concept that aims to disrupt the traditional definitions of hospitality once again: Itinerant Casa9. We will intervene in a house dating from the seventeenth century, Casa Seminario12, to turn it into another of our Luxury Bed & Breakfast Hotels during 2024 only—giving birth to casa9 Zócalo as our first Itinerant project. This new hospitality concept will give rise to continuing hosting in houses with soul and history that we can bring to life with our "Hosting with Soul and Hipper personalized service” concept. Each guest is unique, and each house we inhabit with our concept must also be unique and tell its story.

Each of our locations offers the opportunity to live on two different sides of Mexico City:

At Casa9, we want to create meaningful connections with every guest at all our destinations, always seeking to touch their soul and leave a mark on their journey with us.